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The pousada arises from the architectonic recovery of a 1839 colonial house, placed in the middle of the historical centre of São Luís.
The renovation has been carried out with the complete observance of the original structure, whereas the premises have been furnished using vegetation and materials of the area, such as cipò woods, wicker, bamboo, straw and stones, which enrich the place and its ambience making the stay in this pousada an unforgettable and relaxing experience.
Portas da Amazônia blends with the city, reflecting its rusticity, warmth and history in all its features: from the colonial front to the inner big stone walls and the inner gardens.

Portas da Amazônia ~~ Rua do Giz 129 Centro ~~ São Luís, Maranhão Brasil ~~ Tel: 55 98 3222 9937